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Film Contract


Film Contract


Location Release
Depiction Release
Limit License
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Production Guide
Production Proposal
Project Timeline
Prospect Timeline
Brand Manual
Retainer Contract
Shot List
Production Costs
Freelancekit is such an incredibly helpful filmmaking tool. They simplify the business process of productions. It's so much easier to work from a template that I fill with relevant information and content, rather than having to create a new document from scratch. The templates are beautifully designed and they're a great way to impress clients, right from the very initial project quote and pitch.
Jeremiah Warren
Having business structure is one of the strongest and most vital aspects to succeeding as a filmmaker, and freelancekit gives you both the legal freedom and security you need and deserve to accomplish your goals. Without this program, I personally would not have grown and succeeded as much as I have without it. It changed my approach to business in exactly the right way.
Austin McCardie

The Freelancekit Story

why I built freelancekit

It’s been a long journey… to get to where I am today, working with large brands and agencies in Chicago, Illinois.

My story began over 15yrs ago when I began building websites out of my basement and shooting videos in jr. high and high school to make an extra buck on the side. My designs weren’t attractive. But, I was grateful for anyone and everyone who provided me the opportunity to bring their brand to life on the internet.

Fast forward several years and I began to discover that my passion became facilitating as a practitioner of brands and looking for ways to grow each and every one through intelligent video production, engaging stories and effective marketing strategies. I began to see that my love for the business aspects of the industry fascinated me.

And one thing is for sure… freelancing is tough. I set out to change that after watching my freelancing friends throw in the towel and stop following their dream, simply because they didn’t understand how to run their business. They weren’t quoting properly.  They weren’t asking the right questions. And… they were spending more time on paperwork than on their gigs.

While they were extremely talented, they would end up forced to close shop after only a short time because they struggled to manage the business aspects of their company. Enter freelancekit.

You work hard to build your freelance business, and I’m passionate about helping you reach that goal! If you have any questions about freelancekit, freelancing in general, or running your own business, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

Matt Blick

Film Kit Key Points

everything you need to know about your freelancekit Film Kit

  • Mac Platform
  • Keynote and Pages Versions
  • 20 Templates
  • File Size 3.55 GB
Image module
Image module

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