Top 10 Apps for Freelancers

Top 10 Apps for Freelancers

With the rise of mobile devices, we have access to more tools than ever before to streamline our daily lives and maximize our efficiency. We’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite apps for freelancers.

1. Slack

Even if you’re a freelancer, inevitably you'll end up working in a team environment from time to time. Slack is a messaging and file-sharing app designed to make project management & related communication as simple as possible. Not only does it replace and consolidate emails and IMs into one central location, it also has complete integration with Google Drive, Trello, MailChimp, and many other third party platforms that your team is probably already using. Slack is a great way to streamline your workflow and make communication easier than ever!

2. 1Password

The online world requires a lot of passwords, and remembering them is no easy task. Fortunately there are tools out there to make that easier. 1Password stores all your online passwords and login info in one place, protected by a master password. 1Password allows you to manage your online security and update weak or outdated passwords from one convenient dashboard.

3. Scannable

The age of the desktop scanner has come and gone, but chances are you still have the regular need to digitize a paper document. Scannable is a smartphone app that takes the place of your scanner & allows you to seamlessly captures the paper in your life, transforming it into high-quality scans ready to save or share. With easy integration into Evernote, Scannable makes it easier than ever to digitize, save, and send paper documents online.

4. Hours

Time-tracking may seem simple enough, but an app that does that for you while saving all your records in one central location is a must. Hours is an app designed to do just that, make it as easy & intuitive as possible to track your projects and billable hours. One of the great features they offer is the ability to track not only different client's hours, but even the different projects for each client! Best of all, it's free to try - the Hours team is offering free use of their Premium options for a limited time.

5. Cash

Whether you're paying a friend back for a quick meal or needing to pay your sub-contractors, Cash is a mobile app that provides a quick and easy way to pay anyone digitally. Plus, when you friends sign up with your invite code, you each receive $5 for spreading the word.

6. RescueTime

Ever get to the end of a day & wonder where all the time went? RescueTime answers that question for you. RescueTime logs your digital activity across all of your devices & gives you detailed reports on your time, allowing you to optimize your productivity.


If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to automate a particular online task, IFTTT is the answer (and chances are it’s a yes!) IFTTT allows you to automate virtually any online task, like making sure profile images remain synced across multiple social media networks, save pictures of your receipts to Evernote, or post your Instagram photos to Twitter as an actual photo, instead of just a link. You can even create your own custom 'recipes', allowing you to automate almost any online activity, giving you nearly endless possibilities to streamline your online life.

8. Trello

Organizing projects is always difficult. Especially as a freelancer, it can be difficult to juggle everything at once. Trello is a powerful online app designed to store & share project notes, deadlines, schedules and more. Not only does it work great online, but they have a fantastic app for both iPhone and Android that will make accessing your projects so much easier. Using Trello, you can easily increase communication with your clients and manage your projects like a pro.

9. HelloSign

    HelloSign is the easiest way to sign a document on your iPhone or iPad, (or even straight from your Gmail account using their custom plugin. If you find yourself needing to sign a document when you are on the go, the HelloSign app saves you from the laborious process of printing, signing and scanning.

    10. Evernote

    Having a central place to store the random links, reminders, notes & ideas is critical for a freelance business owner. Evernote does just that, and more. Going far beyond just a place to make & store notes, Evernote allows you to record audio memos, take pictures, store websites & articles, scan documents and more. You can organize everything into unique folders or "notebooks", making it easy to keep track of your content. What's more, Evernote is fully searchable, making it easy to find anything you've saved.

    So there you have it - 10 of our favorite apps for freelancers. Did we miss one that you think should have made the last?  Share your favorite app in the comments below.