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Freelancing is tough and I wanted to change it. Hey all, Matt Blick here. I started freelancekit out of a frustration with seeing freelancers quit their passion/freelancing because they didn’t understand how to run a business. They were awesome and actually quite talented at photography, design, film, etc. but they struggled with the business aspects of their company. They didn’t quote properly. They didn’t ask the right questions. They didn’t plan for the future.

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Over the last few years, I had freelancers coming up to me asking how I quoted clients, how I put together my bids, and how I handled certain clients in a particular situation. And then it hit me. I realized that I was constantly using resources for my own video production company over the last ten years and that's when I started the process of turning them into business resource templates that any freelancer could use. It was time to make these freelancers successful again.



freelancekit is business resource templates for freelancers who struggle with the business aspects of their company. Most freelancers are extremely talented but quit or close shop after 2-3 years because they don’t know how to run a business.

These business templates are tried-and-true, successfully used business resources that were designed by freelancers for freelancers. freelancekit allows you to save time while unifying your brand with professional resources. Your clients notice.


We know you work hard and we know you are striving to improve your freelance game. If you have any questions about freelancing or running your own business, shoot us an email: help@freelancekit.com