Designer Kit

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With everything you need to efficiently run your designer freelance business. Take care of all your needs with this complete bundle. What's inside:


  • Describing WHY you use each template

  • Showing you HOW to use each template

  • And... other insightful revelations and tips/tricks from our founder, Matt Blick, with using these freelancekit templates.


    1. Designer Guidelines
    2. Designer Questionnaire
    3. Business Retainer
    4. Depiction Release
    5. Design Contracts - Limited + Unlimited
    6. Designer Sub-Contractor
    7. Design Proposal
    8. Estimate
    9. Invoice
    10. Limit License
    11. Location Release
    12. Moodboard Layouts
    13. NDAs - Company + Individual
    14. Pitch Email
    15. Pitch Letterhead
    16. Production Cost Sheet
    17. Production Guide
    18. Project Timeline
    19. Prospect Timeline
    20. Quote
    21. Schedule
    22. Statement
    23. Storyboard

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