Quick Contract FAQ

Quick Contract

freelancekit’s Quick Contract is a web app that quickly produces Film Contracts for your film productions. Our goal is to automate your process of producing contracts and business materials so that you can spend more time doing what you love, being creative.



  1. Your Digital Signature
    • We’re planning on adding a feature to allow you to sign your contract in the Digital Signature field instead of uploading an image file.
  2. Multiple Invoice Options
    • New updates will include being able to add multiple invoice installments instead of the original two.
  3. Populate Budget Numbers and Percentages
    • New updates will include less typing on your end and instant propagation of data on the Budget Detailed section.
  4. Multiple Templates
    • We are planning on releasing the option to select between different templates to use with Quick Contract.
  5. Custom Branding
    • New updates will allow for custom branding… ie. your own brand’s logo.
  6. Additional Clause Section
    • With the new update, you’ll see a new section to add in your own legal clauses. Keep in mind, do not add clauses that contradict other clauses within the contract.
  7. Subscription Plans 1.0
    • New updates will include monthly and yearly subscription plans for members. A 30 day trial period will be available for all subscriptions.
  8. Client Data
    • We’re planning on making it possible to save current client data for faster selection on future contracts.
  9. Google Drive Integration
    • We’re planning on offering Google Drive integration to use within Quick Contract. 
  10. View Contracts At A Glance
    • We plan on adding this feature for some of our contracts so you or your signee can see what they’re signing before filling everything out.
  11. Dropbox Integration
    • We’re planning on offering Dropbox integration to use within Quick Contract.
  12. Attorney Portal for Contract Adjustments
    •  We’re releasing an Attorney Portal where your Attorney can log in, look over the contract text and edit/adjust to your own state’s laws.
  13. Add-On Clauses Selection
    • We’re planning to provide a list of typical clauses to add on with a click of a button. Giving you more customization with your contracts.
  14. Quick Contract Re-design
    • We’re excited for a planned re-design in the near future. More streamlined, more minimalist and less clutter.
  15. Subscription Plans 2.0
    • We plan to offer subscription plans for members. A Basic Option would allow for producing basic quick contracts, a Pro Option would include more functionality and edit capabilities of each contract.


  1. Who is Quick Contract for?
    • At this time, Quick Contract is for freelance film creatives who want to successfully automate their contract production process.
  2. I run a Marketing Agency, will Quick Contract be useful for me?
    • Right now, we are only providing a Limited Usage Film Contract. As stated in the Updates section above, we plan to launch other contract options down the road.
  3. If I cancel my subscription before the free trial period ends, can I sign up again for another free trial?
    • If you cancel a subscription that you’ve started, you will be asked to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription in order to continue to use Quick Contract. Once purchased, you will not receive a free trial period but you will have full access to Quick Contract.
  4. Can I add on my own clauses?
    • In future updates, we will provide the option to allow you to add in your own clauses. But keep in mind, do not add clauses that contradict other clauses that are already within the contract.
  5. Will my previous contracts be saved? Can I retrieve them later on?
    • At this time, Quick Contract only allows for the creation of your contracts. Future updates will allow for saving instantly to your preferred cloud service.
  6. My friend runs an advertising agency, can he adjust the contracts so that they’re intended for him and not film production?
    • We provide two film contracts (Limited and Unlimited Usage Film Contracts) and three generic contracts (Sub-Contractor, Depiction Release and Location Release Contracts). We plan to allow for more custom editing down the road.
  7. Can I save past signatures?
    • At this time, you will need to produce new signatures when using Quick Contract.
  8. Do you have a Free Trial for Quick Contract?
    • Yes, we provide a 30-day free trial to everyone. Once your 30-day trial is complete, you will be asked to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.
  9. Can I edit the text within the contracts?
    • At this time you can’t edit what is in the contracts other than what the web app allows you to input into the contracts. We will be adding this feature down the road where you can export all text for your attorney to read over and adjust depending on your state’s laws. You will then be able to import it back into Quick Contract for your use.
  10. Do you plan to make this a mobile app?
    • Yes, down the road we plan on doing this if the market prefers this over a web-based app.
  11. Can I export to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box?
    • At this time you can download your contracts within your browser or email yourself a link to download later. We plan on adding this functionality in the near future where you can instantly export to your preferred cloud service.
  12. Can my Attorney adjust the text within the contracts to abide by my state’s laws?
    • Yes, with our new release you can email your Attorney a special login link and code to adjust all your contract’s text to abide by your state’s laws.